Small Animal Portable Veterinary Mobile Ultrasound for Dogs PM-V1S

As one of the most professional animal diagnostic ultrasound manufacturers in China, our small animal diagnostic ultrasound machine PM-V6T can be used for canine, feline, equine, bovine, ovine, and other more various veterinary clinical abdomen, chest, heart, tendon, small organs, the eye, genital examination.


  • 2D image
  • 5 6 inch LED HD display
  • Vanous of pseudo color display
  • Winter mode one key to start the winter mode
  • HD video playback and image storage function
  • Large capacity lith1um-1on battery(more than 6 hours)
  • Drop-resistant soft rubber body, display plus explosion-proof glass USB, TF card ports for convenient and fast image storage and playback
  • Probe (Optional)