High Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge PM5R

16214999141 - High Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge PM5R

PM5R is a high speed and large capacity refrigerated benchtop centrifuge, and refrigerated benchtop centrifuges are widely and mainly used for scientific research institutions, university laboratories, third-party independent laboratories and pet hospitals.

Also, you can find more refrigerated benchtop centrifuge from PLEN Med for your different types of laboratory and animal hospital uses.


  • Microprocessor control with AC brushless motor
  • 5 Inches Colorful LCD Display the parameters of speed, timer, RCF, Temperature, rotors information, Program (Memory)information, Acceleration& Deceleration information, and Error code information.
  • Steel centrifuge body and 304# stainless steel chamber are autoclavable and resistant detergents and disinfection liquids.
  • Gas hinge for lid drop protection.
  • Safety Electrical lid interlock, the door could not open when the rotor is running, and the machine won’t run when the lid opens, and an error code appears.