Color Doppler Livestock Large Animal Ultrasound Machine PM-V3T

As one of the most professional animal diagnostic ultrasound manufacturers in China, our small animal diagnostic ultrasound machine PM-V6T can be used for canine, feline, equine, bovine, ovine, and other more various veterinary clinical abdomen, chest, heart, tendon, small organs, the eye, genital examination.


  • With high precision digital beamforming and Doppler ultrasonic imaging technology,
  • Pro incorporated the latest image processing technologies such as THI,
  • speckle reduction, multi-beam parallel processing, and efficient full-digital image management system it easy to acquire a better image.
  • Special measurement software packages, flexible configuration, and ergonomic design greatly increase operators clinical
    diagnosis accuracy and analysis efficiency.
  • Based on Windows 7 operating platform, solid-state hard drive data storage, fast switch machine.