Color Doppler Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound System PM-V6T

As one of the most professional animal diagnostic ultrasound manufacturers in China, our small animal diagnostic ultrasound machine PM-V6T can be used for canine, feline, equine, bovine, ovine, and other more various veterinary clinical abdomen, chest, heart, tendon, small organs, the eye, genital examination.


  • 360 ° rotatable bracket: come with memory function, the display angle set by your wish.
  • Tissue harmonic imaging technology
  • Professional veterinary software kits
  • Breakthrough chipset technology to ensure frame rate
  • Chinese and English interface and input, optional
  • For different types of animal, intelligence to take different transmission and reception methods to ensure image penetration and resolution
  • Using advanced algorithms to reach triple effect for enhanced picture quality, the particle display reaches the quantum level, you can see the structure and details more vivid:
  • Automatic speed diagnostic
  • Build-in graphic integration workstations, with the function of typical lesions, cases leading-in
  • Scanning mode: Convex/Linear/Micro Convex/Phased Array/Rectal